Hi, I’m Julie Haines

I am a certified Psychic Medium, Past Life Regressionist, Intuitive Success Coach & Yoga Instructor. 

I am thrilled you came to my website, and I look forward to working with you!

I am the Founder of the Lightwell Center  –  located in Central Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Testimonials from Julie’s customers

“The workshop changed my life!”

"Set me on a new course of personal fulfilment"

“Unequivocal validation of my own psychic abilities”

“Profoundly meaningful”

“My life will never be the same”

“Such an empowering experience"

“I left the event invigorated and excited to put the skills that I learned into practice”

“A very nurturing and professional day of digging right down into the center of myself”

“A month later and I have a business plan and am moving into a nicer home”