Private Readings

Julie Haines is pleased to offer one-to-one readings for clients world-wide.  She conducts both Zoom and normally in-person Reading Sessions in Madison, Virginia.

NOTE: At this time, during the coronavirus, all sessions will be online via Zoom calls. 

In these sessions, Julie combines her life skills and experience as a former global executive in Corporate America, with her empathetic and intuitive self, to offer clients amazing insights and life changing discoveries.  Your session can be specifically tailored to your questions and needs, which can be discussed and planned at the time of your appointment confirmation.  Julie has completed numerous certifications programs in psychic and mediumship development and completed training courses from Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost college for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Studies in Stansted, England.  She completed two years of apprenticeship under UK’s Tony Stockwell for Advanced Mediumship and Trance Mediumship development.

Psychic/Life Guidance Session

During this reading, Julie will use her intuitive abilities to tap into the past, present and future.  In joining with your energy, she will assess your present state and provide guidance on how to enhance your future towards one of great abundance and joy – pushing sorrow and fear away.  Julie may also engage with your spirit guides, who are never far from you, to provide inspiration and guidance.  The goal of a Psychic/Life Guidance session is for YOU to leave with a renewed sense of purpose, hope and a thoughtful Action Plan to put the right wheels in motion toward your awakening and daily and life-long soul fulfillment and joy!

Online Zoom Calls

60 Minute Session $ 165.00

90 Minute Session $ 210.00

Mediumship/Connection with Passed Loved Ones Session

During this type of session, Julie will act as a messenger (e.g., “medium”) to relay information to you from your loved ones on the other side.  Although it is impossible to predict with certainty what Spirit will come, it is our experience that whoever comes during the session, is exactly who was meant to be there with a special message for you!  The intelligence of the Spirit World is truly amazing.  As a practicing evidential medium, Julie will provide information to allow you to identify those who come forward, describe them in life and in spirit, and relay the messages of love and encouragement they always bring for you and others close to you.


Online Zoom Calls

60 Minute Session $ 165.00

90 Minute Session $ 210.00

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a tool that is often used to help people understand deep rooted behaviors, fears, and patterns that they experience in this lifetime, which seemingly come from “out of thin air!” PLR is based on the hypothesis that we are infinite spirits having a human experience in this lifetime, having come here with a long history of previous lifetimes.  In this understanding, our soul is the constant.  Our souls remember all experiences and lessons from all lifetimes, and as imperfect (but striving!) humans, we can actually have soul wounds, or carry deep soul traumas or patterns that affect us in this lifetime, even though the experience that wounded or affects us not of this time!  This concept also touches on Karmic Ties and Interactions, and recognizes that souls seem to travel in families, or packs – it is not uncommon for Julie’s clients to within one session uncover that their mother in this lifetime, was a husband, sister or child in a past life!

Although it is both magical and comforting to know that the people we love in this life, will be with us again in spirit and possibly the next, so too can our nemeses, and those that challenge us.

If you have something that is holding you back, a fear that you can’t quite put your finger on, or a repetitive pattern of behavior that seems to manifest over and over despite wanting change, then you may benefit from a PLR session.  All sessions are recorded by Julie and a copy sent or given to the client upon session completion.  (Session tapes are not for public consumption, posting in any public or digital forum and are strictly for the expressed purpose of the client.) 

Julie is a certified Past Life Regression practitioner via the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E), Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Online Zoom Calls

2 hour recorded session $250


Julie is a Psychic Medium – and SO ARE YOU!

Julie’s philosophy and experience is that she is special and gifted, as are you!  Each of us brings with us a treasure trove of unique talents, but we all have one amazing thing in common:  we have more than five sense, we ALL have six!  That means you too have the ability to open your intuitive channels, use your third eye of knowing, and actively and openly see, hear, taste, feel and touch SPIRIT beings, just like Julie. This belief and knowing inspired her to open the Lightwell Center and offer group and individual classes empowering students to explore the mysterious and enchanting world beyond the veil.

The world as we know it is changing rapidly.  Science, medicine, philosophy have brought us many amazing discoveries and improved understanding of our physical world which has greatly impacted the quality of the human existence.  However, to this day, these great luminaries have not been able to explain, prove or disprove, what is happening just beyond our human’s physical experience; often referred to as “right beyond the veil.”  Despite our empirical perceptions, what might exist right beyond?  Where does consciousness lay, and what might exist in the micro universe of energy that we have only just begun to question and test, or interact with?  Julie is a trained scientist and accomplished business strategist who also just happens to see and hear spirit people, know things beyond what would be considered “normal” to the outside world, and can easily read and see energy.  She is truly convinced SO CAN YOU!

Online Zoom Calls

Individual Tutorials on Psychic and Mediumship Skills Development

Beginning Students:

Exploration of Spirit

4, 60-minute Zoom private sessions, with lecture, homework, and Q&A:  $800.00

Intermediate Students: 

Expansion of Spirit

4, 75-minute Zoom private sessions

with reading, lecture, assignments and access to a private FB group:    $1,000.00


Advanced Students, call for pre-qualification.

You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly.

– Rumi


As an international corporate business strategist and executive, and life long intuitive, Julie brings the best of both worlds together by sharing messages and motivations from spirit, while empowering to YOU to embrace your own innate power and knowing.  Julie will work with you in four private sessions to gain soul-centered clarity about any issue, crossroads or critical decision path, or life transition YOU wish to explore in great depth.  Using both left and right brain tools and techniques, together you will assess, evaluation, and embrace options that Spirit and the Universe have waiting for you, that may be just slightly out of view for you at the moment of transition, crisis or crossroads.  With a healthy dose of encouragement, and a pinch of tough love, Julie will bring you numerous tools including the proprietary Lightwell Life Assessment Gauge among others, so you can unblock any barriers to your highest and best purpose and happiness and begin to clearly see and uncover a world of options and opportunities for you to flourish giving you clarity, strength, and renewed energy and purpose to actually live the life you planned!  Julie will explore your guideposts with you in depth, to allow you to see and understand what your options truly are, and the best path toward abundant freedom and a soul-centered life mission.

Julie’s corporate background is exhaustive in building and maintaining highly profitable international businesses and programs in more than 80 countries, and she too maintains two award-winning local businesses as a motivated and skilled entrepreneur and community leader.  She holds a certification in Success Intelligence High-Performance Coaching, under Robert Holden, Hay House Best-Selling Author (Success Intelligence, Shift Happens and The Happiness Project) who is indeed a light and inspiration in our complex world.  She brings forth her deep treasure chest of tools, graciously offering any and all of them to assist you in successfully conquering your desires with grace and confidence.

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.

– Rumi

Book a Private Series

Crossroad Coaching Series

We all come to various crossroads in our life.  And depending upon when they show up, the choice can be either easy, or incredibly daunting.  Sometimes the options presented are not even close to the real opportunities that exist outside our narrowed vision.

Julie is often asked about her beliefs regarding fate or destiny versus free will, a complicated question indeed, and one she loves to discuss!  In short however, her beliefs lie in both.  It is Julie’s understanding through her spiritual path that humans indeed come to each lifetime with a mission, plan and are “destined” to live out that magnificent plan once agreed.  Sadly, the human world is complex and very distracting!  Best made plans are often forgotten, put on hold, or brushed aside as impractical by the world, families, friends or even become victims from your own mind.  It happens to all of us, and it happens a lot!  Because we have free will to act, we can often choose our paths out of fear, pressure to behave in a way acceptable to your culture, friends and family, or one of least (or even most!) resistance.

Crossroads are hard.  But they are also amazing opportunities to pause and consider your options – ALL OF THEM! They present an opportunity for YOU to consider what you truly want and need for your SOUL.  They come to you to remind you: YOU have limitless possibilities within your grasp!                

Online Zoom Calls

3 x 90 Minute Session $ 550.00


“Two roads divereged in a wood, and I-

      I took the one less traveled by,

  And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost, American Poet

Soul-Powered Success Series for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Julie designed this offering of Soul-Powered Success for the busy entrepreneur and business leader, to maximize your learning tucked gently and concisely into your busy schedule.

The three session are designed to quickly and directly identify your issues, barriers, and blocks in your career or business, and work with you to achieve maximum alignment with your SOUL’s mission – resulting in expansion, increased energy and passion or redirection of strategy based upon changing conditions or desires. 

In Person or Zoom

3 x 50 Minute Session $ 450.00


Book a Private Retreat Intensive with Julie at Five-Star, Luxurious Walden Hall, in Reva Virginia

Walden Hall, tucked gently into the magnificent Virginia countryside nestled along side the Blue Ridge Mountains, is Julie’s unique creation. Originally designed, decorated and created by Julie as a luxurious Bed and Breakfast, Special Event and Wedding Venue, she knows now that Spirit indeed had another plan!  Starting in 2020, Walden Hall and its glorious facilities including expansive porches, saltwater private pool complex, stocked fishpond, gentle grounds and extraordinarily appointed luxury suites, is now being offered to individual and small groups for intensive multi-day retreats and personal coaching sessions with Julie.

Design your perfect individual or small group facilitated retreat to explore and experience a customized program for you and your friends, family, or colleagues. 

Options include, some or all of the following elements to design your perfect three – five day intensive.  Contact us for more information and to create your tailored path to open YOU UP TO THE INFINITE WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES.

Yoga and Movements

Mudras, Mantras and Movement in Sunrise, Sunset or Water Yoga Class, by Julie (Certified 200Hr. Yoga Teacher)

Life Tools

Life Assessment and Planning Toolkit to Rekindle Your Passion and Reconnect with Your Life Purpose & Divine Mission

Chakras and Energy

Chakra Balancing, Cleansing & Energy Work toward health & wellness

Secrets to Meditation

Meditation Techniques and practice sessions of guided meditation. Learn the tricks to get the most out of mindful rest and rejuvenation

Manifesting Abundance

Lecture and Practice for Expanding your Energetic Body with Visualization to increase your ability to manifest abundance and happiness in your life

Expanded Psychic Ability

Lecture, practice and support while you learn techniques to tune in, and turn up your own innate Psychic Knowing – in one day most all will be able to read for a perfect stranger!

Spirit Connection

Lecture and Demonstration of Mediumship, its role, potential and gifts to the Human World

Release the Past

Uncover soul patterns and unblock past traumas to allow for increased energetic flow and alignment in your life now

The Lightwell Centre

The Blue Ridge View from Lightwell