Frequently Asked Questions

Guiding Principle

We are all divine, infinite spirit beings having a human experience!  Each of us comes to this physical existence, or this lifetime, to experience love, joy and deep soul learning and to fulfill a unique life mission.   The true path to happiness is living the mission we intended in this lifetime, and to do that, we must access our own souls.  We must learn to recognize our soul’s voice: hearing and listening to the deep wisdom that comes from within, which is both uniquely individual yet still connected to all that is.   This wisdom, connection, and joy is available to every single person on earth and she passionately empowers and teaches students all over the world to tap into their own innate soul power, soul sense, mission, guides and connect it to Source, or universal energy

Philosophic Belief

Julie was raised in the midwestern United States with a Christian belief system. From a very young age, Julie was able to know things and see “spirit,” and had a very curious mind to understand why she seemingly was experiencing things out of the ordinary.  After studying religion, policy and science in college, she embarked on an extraordinary career as an international development specialist, where she worked in over 80 of the poorest countries of the world in North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  During this time, she was able to learn from, and experience first-hand many different cultures, ethnic traditions and world religions.  She has respect for all faiths and paths that bring fellow humans toward an enlightened sense of divinity, spiritual growth, and practice of love, kindness and tolerance toward each other.

Are We Ever Truly Alone?

We are never alone!  As pure energy and spirit at our very core, we are neither created, nor destroyed. We are infinite light beings of intelligent design and consciousness, connect to all that is, was and ever will be.  It is our job as humans to reconnect to our light and find and encourage the light in others.

Psychism & Innate Intuitive Powers

What Does it mean to be psychic?

Psychics are people who can “read” the energy of people, places, animals and things that provide information about past, present and potential future circumstances.  To do this, psychics train their brain to enter a type of “dream state” – outside of their “left brain,” otherwise known as their analytical ego consciousness which is what humans used to function primarily in their daily wakened state.  In this semi-altered dream-state, psychics can see (called Clairvoyance), feel (Clairsentience), hear (Clairaudience), taste (Clairgustance), smell (Clairalience), or know (Claircognizance) things that are otherwise outside of their physical knowledge or experience.  

Do you have to be born with special abilities to be a psychic, or can it be learned?

We are all born to be psychic!  Each of us possesses not only five senses, but at least SIX!  Our sixth sense is what allows our humans to access information which is found in the energy fields surrounding all things on earth.   Julie uses her highly attuned six sense to provide readings for clients, but also actively teaches clients how they too can open their own intuitive powers and begin to practice their own sense of psychic knowing.   While some people recognize and use their abilities from an early age, we all have the innate ability.  What keeps people from exercising it is their learned belief systems, and cultural and familial norms.

Can we learn to be more intuitive or psychic in our daily lives?

Absolutely.  But your intuition is just like a muscle – it will atrophy if it is not used!  So, just like any other muscle or ability we choose to master in our lives our sixth sense needs to be exercised, trained, honed and attuned to create the life experience of knowing, seeing or sensing the subtle world of energy and spirit.

How long does it take to become psychic?

You are born with natural abilities, but it depends entirely on you how long it takes you to develop and enjoy them!  You first must be willing to accept the idea and intention to become more psychically attuned, and then you must exercise your abilities in order to improve them.  Julie offers group and individual training for those seeking to expand their own abilities for both psychic and mediumship work.  Most students are amazed that within less than a few hours of beginning their training, they are successful in reading for perfect strangers and building confidence in their own innate ability!

Mediumship and Spirits

What is Mediumship?

The process of communicating with disincarnate spirits or spiritual entities through an individual who acts as the “medium” between the world of the living those in spirit. 

Who can be a Medium?

Anyone can be a medium.  Psychics and mediums that tell you they are special and possess abilities that you do not have should be avoided!  It takes some training to learn to “tune in” to spirit and subtle energy beings, but it can be mastered and provide amazing satisfaction and insight for all who embark on this enlightened spiritual path.

What is the purpose of Mediumship?

In the early days of the spiritual movement over 100 years ago, Mediums provided messages from departed loved ones which we meant to prove that humans do not die, rather they move from a physical to a spirit form, thus offering comfort to the living who remained behind. In the early days, sadly there existed a lot of fraud and deceit. Thankfully, mediumship has evolved and is now used not only to connect with departed love ones, but also with higher angelic beings, spiritual guides and other high energies that provide insights into expanded universal consciousness.

Are spirit people and love ones in Heaven or all around us?

The existence of heaven (and hell for that matter) has been an ongoing debate since the recorded time, and presumably will continue to be a hotly contested subject.  That said, as a psychic medium, Julie’s experience is that the veil between physical and spiritual existence is thin, and spirit entities are ever near to each of us as we walk our path on earth.

What is a Trance Medium?

A trance medium is a medium that allows spirit to share their energetic body in order to use their voice or physical being to transmit messages to the world.  Under the influence of shared spirit energy, these mediums become empty vessels where they can convey spiritual truths and messages through the written word, automatic writing, speaking or even physically change appearance (called transfiguration) by sharing messages from departed loved ones, spirit guides, or other divine beings.

Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover soul memories of past lives or incarnations.  Although a hotly debated topic in medical science, PLR hypnotherapists and medical doctor converts, such as Dr. Brian Weiss and others, have documented remarkable healing from a patient’s ability to reconnect with their subconscious, and reported past life experiences.  There exists a saying that “we can only SEE what we are willing to CONFRONT.”  Julie uses PLR sessions to help clients see and safely confront for themselves anything causing them from progressing or having peace and joy in this lifetime.   Once there is acknowledgement of past trauma, fear, or unhealthy patterns which are embedded in the soul memory and causing discomfort, they can be safely addressed, released and healed.  

What is does Julie’s PLR session consist of?

Julie conducts 2-hour PLR sessions in person and over zoom.  (For zoom PLR, client must have headphones). There are four parts to each session: intake (approx. 10 – 15 minutes); guided meditation into deep relaxation (15 – 30 minutes); past life recall & regression (approx. 60 – 75 minutes); and return to full awakening, and Q&A (5 – 15 minutes). 

During the intake, Julie will work with you to identify what specifically you hope to achieve or understand during the session.  Some clients are very specific in their objectives, such as wanting to uncover the genesis of a phobia or repetitive non-productive behavior, while others simply want to experience whatever is meant to happen at the time.  Both are perfectly valid and achievable.  

After the initial intake, Julie will begin the recording of the session and she will take you into a safe, and highly relaxed state of consciousness through guided meditation.  Your eyes will be close and your body and mind relaxed, as if in a semi-dreamlike state, which is called a trance or hypnotic state.

Upon achieving a highly relaxed hypnotic state, you will be offered a choice to go on a time adventure into the past, in between lifetimes, or even to the future (which is called Life Progression).    You will be fully able to communicate and interact, and you will be able to ask to come back at any time during the session if you wish.  You can also come back into fully awakened consciousness at any time yourself. Even in a hypnotic state, you are always in CHARGE of your session.

The final step is to help you return to a fully awakened and refreshed state of consciousness, ready to continue your day.  You are free to recall, ask questions, or use the remaining time to discuss any aspect of the experience or insights.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Before answering this question, think of a lemon in your mind.  Picture it, see a large, juicy, bright yellow lemon.  Can you picture it?  Now, think about cutting the lemon, and seeing the juice squirt out onto your hand.  You may even feel the liquid as it touches your skin. Now, think about putting that lemon in your mouth and tasting the sharp tang of it.  Maybe even the mere thought of that clenches your salivary glands as you prepare to bite the lemon.  As you read, were you able to “see, feel or prepare to taste” the lemon? If so, congratulations, you have just been hypnotized!  In fact, anyone who has daydreamed in their lives, or used their imagination can achieve a level of relaxation that is suitable for PLR.  It is simply that easy.

Is it harmful?

Absolutely not.  You are in a safe chair in Julie’s office or the comfort of your own home, you are always in control, and you are relaxing into a dreamlike state.  There is nothing harmful to your physical body or mental and emotional wellbeing.   Now, when visiting past lives, it is possible to witness a bad memory, such as a death or betrayal of someone you know, or even your former self.  During this time, you will be guided to simply observe, as in watching a movie on the big screen, as you are not “there” at this time, and whatever bad (or good) that is happening is only meant for observation and insights for you now, you are not capable of re-living or re-experiencing the actual event, pain or suffering, although it is often healthy to feel the resultant emotions and life lessons the scene presents.

Will I remember what is said and done during my session?

This is highly individualistic.  People vary greatly in their ability to recall details from their session; thus, Julie records all sessions and provides a copy for your use.  Some people remember everything immediately and are excited to share their insights.  It is also not uncommon for clients to remember very little immediately after, and then listen to the recording or begin to tell a friend and have the entirety of the experience return in great detail and excitement!   Others remember the highlights and events, and glean additional details, or understanding the days and weeks after the session.

Why are PLR sessions recorded?

Julie records the relaxation and hypnosis portions of each sessions for all her clients.  Numerous clients report great enjoyment and additional insights gained from re-listening to the recorded session in a fully awakened state to glean additional details, life lessons or insights. Recordings are for private use only. Sharing, posting on social media, or printing of any form is strictly prohibited.  Julie retains a recorded copy in her electronic files for liability purposes only.

Grab Bag

Even though I am drawn to these topics, I am afraid of them. Is that normal?

It is completely normal.  Think about all the scary movies you have seen since you were little portraying the dead as evil, creepy and downright terrifying ghosts! Thanks to Hollywood, most American and other western cultures assume that spirit beings are meant to do harm, haunt, or destroy human lives.   This is not my experience at all.  Just like us humans, we are energy – either incarnated or disincarnate.   Energy, light, love and divine connection is Julie’s only experience in this realm.   When you work with Julie, she clearly states the absolute intention to work with, know and pass along information and messages for the highest and greatest good of all beings involved.  And to date, the only evil beings with intent to harm that she has encountered are unfortunately living, breathing humans!

If there is light energy, then their must be dark energy?

Yes, Julie also believes this to be true.  But light and dark in her experience have more to do with vibrational frequency, lightness and heaviness, than good and evil as depicted in many religions or cultural biases.

What is the Law of Attraction and its relevance to this type of work?

The law of attraction (LOA), put simply, states whatever you put out into the universe will be what you get back.   Many practitioners teach this law as a guiding principle for operating in the universe, and our daily lives.  Julie teaches LOA principles in relation to manifestation, supporting each student to consider and align with their soul mission and highest purpose, thereby creating joy, peace and abundance in all aspects of their lives.  She also applies this principle when working psychically or in mediumship, setting the intention of connecting only to the highest good and beings in order to ensuring that that is what will manifest in return.

Is it true, can I manifest anything I wish in this lifetime?

Like many other alternative healers, channelers and spiritual coaches, Julie believes we all manifest our lives to be exactly what we expect them to be – so be careful what you think or wish for, as they say!   Julie is a strong believer in the universal law of attraction, and helps clients see the results of their thinking patterns, both positive and negative.  In Julie’s SOUL SENSE classes, she assists students to examine their current life, relationships, belief systems, soul patterns, and human habits and biases which may be hindering them from achieving what they came to this life to do and truly enjoy.